Guy Died Windsurfing at Canadian Hole?

I heard an unconfirmed report that a guy in his 60s drowned while windsurfing at the Canadian Hole yesterday (7/22/06). Report is that he was slammed by a gust and knocked unconscious. Nothing confirmed yet, but will report as news arrives.

Also, our visiting wave sailor crewmate from New Orleans, Jason Bosley, rescued a woman from the surf yesterday at Boiler. Apparently, she was caught in the shorebreak, and was not in the best shape to get back to shore. EMTs later arrived and drove their truck over the dune line to load her in since she was quite overweight for the stretcher.


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Report in from rec.windsurfing that indeed a windsurfer died at Canadian Hole. No specifics or news details, but report came from folks on the scene this past Saturday.


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