Winds Up But Quickly Down!

Today was a rollercoaster ride, mainly downhill for wind speeds across the islands. The morning started with south winds in the upper 30s gusting over 40 mph. By mid day however, the sun broke out and winds shifted west and dove into the upper teens and low 20s. Some areas saw higher gusts and more consistent winds, but it was a crap shoot. On the ocean, the waves faces were ranging in size from 5 to 13 ft depending upon location. The westerly winds cleaned the faces and produced the classic Hatteras barreling wave. A little meaty!

Half the crew trekked to Ocracoke where they found side off conditions and large 10-13 ft surf. Winds were light though, and the last report I received was that no one made it out. The other half of the local crew sailed Ego Beach across from Canadian Hole. Caleb reported his biggest aerial off the lip ever, but with no photo...well, hopefully, next time. The rest of us tried our luck at the Cove. Conditions there were onshore winds and an odd outside launch due to the dry sand orientation on the beach. I rigged 4.7m but did not last long due to a dip in wind speed soon after launch. The setup was also not the typical down the line wavesailing I am used to, so it was more of a bump and jump session. However, since the wind dropped, it became a bump and slog session. Not too much fun, at least in my case. All in all, for me the sailing was not too great, but I know others down there had fun and caught it the way they like it.

Perhaps tomorrow?!

Some photos from the day:

The 4runner out at the entrance to the cove. Notice the Cape Hatteras lighthouse in the background.

Keith M. rigging up next to his new truck.

The kiteboarding crew out there in the onshore surf.

Keith M soaring above the soup at the Cove. Photographer: Jim Myers


At 11:47 AM, Blogger EC said...


Charlie, Dan and I made it out... Too much current to really enjoy these meaty monsters as it was super gusty on-off conditions.
As usual, it blew after dark and sunday blew more than the forecast.

Someone shoot the weather men, they are absolutely worthless and make too much $$ for such crapy forecasts...

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have multi witness's to the aerial,donny b.,zofia an charles(charles said and i quote"the ballsiest move ive ever seen")its the talk of the beach!a photo wouldve been nice though for the non believers.where were you...oh yeah sailing onshore crap... hahaha


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