NE Side-Onshore in Nags Head

The winds ramped up this afternoon ahead of the mega gale event forecast for the next two days. Conditions were NE in the 22-25 knot range. I sailed in Nags Head where the wind direction produced side-onshore building waist to head high sloppy surf. Not the best for wave riding, but a few fun jumps out there, and nice to chalk another mark for the calendar. I rigged 4.7m and sailed solo until dark. Since conditions were onshore, there was no risk of being blown out to sea, and all my gear checked out. I got my new extension from Charlie's truck the day before.

All in all, not too bad for time on the water, but if I had daylight to make the drive to the southern OBX, the side-offshore conditions found there would have been better for riding some waves.

Perhaps tomorrow...the 3.7m is packed, though from the forecast, I will likely need a 2.8m and 60 liter board!


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