Christmas Weekend = Windsurfing?!

Well, not for me, but it looks like Saturday may be the day on the OBX for warm 70 degree air temps and strong south winds! Lauren and I will be traveling from the OBX to Etters, PA along with stops in northern and western Virgina. I will likely be checking the IWS OBX sensors on Saturday from PA wondering what I am missing, but it will be nice to see family in PA and VA over the holidays. Looks like the long term forecast has wind in store as well, but we shall see... Surprisingly, December thus far, has been a fairly windless month. Perhaps January, and a possible San Carlos Baja trip late Jan - Feb time frame?!

Here is a shot from a Christmas party that Lauren and I attended, hosted by my one of my old college buddies, Frank and his wife Christy:
click to enlarge
Frank and I, along with Santa!


At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's your hot wife with her santa hat?

At 1:11 PM, Blogger cammar said...

Yo Bill,

that web cam embedded in your blog is extremely cool. How did you do it?
Did you have to have permission/code from the owners?



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