Geocaching Saturday

Lauren displaying a cache item we found in Nags Head Woods...The Flying Saucer Match BookChristmas is over and Santa brought me a new toy this year. A handheld GPS unit. Not only can I use it for traveling, speedsailing, etc...but also geocaching. A world-wide hide and seek treasure hunt to find all sorts of things hidden in weatherproof boxes found in numerous locales. Today, the weather was perfect with mid-60s air temperature and bright sunshine. We headed out around 11:30am set to discover up to 8 geocaches in the area. We found 4 with the remaining available for another day. Its pretty amazing how many treasure boxes are hidden on the OBX. Before we discovered the game, we did not even know that these things were around to find. This is a perfect activity for the winter months on the OBX.

Though on Monday (Happy New Year!), winds are forecast to be in the mid to upper 20s with air temps hovering around 70 degrees. Additionally, the ocean temps on the south side are in the mid 60s. This combination is well within my threshold for some winter time windsurfing. However, I am very green since the last time on the water was December 1!

The Geocache Travel Bug, "Bones" on his journey starting in northern Virgina, and now located along the Atlantic coast near Jennette's Pier in Nags Head.


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