Getting Cold on the OBX?!

Well this week, the air temps have finally started to cool down. After sunny 70 degree weather all last week, we are in stark contrast over the past few days with mid 40s prevailing. A warming trend is on the way over the coming days, but a major plunge is expected late week, with 30 degree air temps in the forecast! Strong NW winds are predicted however, and the H2O temps remain a balmy 60+ degrees! 30s air + 60s water is close to 100 which is my threshold for getting wet. Luckily, the 5/4mm Bare should keep me warm as long as I stay in the water and off the beach.

Here is the November round up.
click to enlarge
Not too bad for November, though I did miss a few days.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger EC said...

Dude your link don't work and your site is acting up....

Heading to NYC this wknd, 2 cold 2 even consider sailing today even though it blew like stink in DC....

At 1:00 AM, Blogger cammar said...

thanks for the nice words in your post on rec.windsurfing.
Matt saw it and went on my blog and posted a comment.
So I tracked you down and I ended up on your blog. Which now is part of my favorites. :-)

Nice photo of the calendar. You inspired me to do something similar, but I need to find a bigger calendar... you know, I'm at 88% of days in the water from Jan 06... :-))))


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