New Years Session at Ego Beach

click to enlargeHere in Hatteras we rang in the new year with a wavesailing session at Ego Beach across from Canadian Hole, in Avon. South winds were up and down thoughout the day, but averaged in the mid-20s, pushing air temps to 70 degrees! Ocean water temperature hovered in the low 60s. Sailing was quite comfortable in a full suit. Waves were in the chest high range, but were junky with an east ground swell mixed with the south wind swell. Lots of cross chop in the wave zone, but it was fun just to be in the water. Most of the local crew was there along with some New Years visiting sailors. Soundside, it was powered 4.7m conditions. I did not take too many photos since my camera with zoom is in the shop.

Here are a few including some from a New Years party Lauren and I attended in Duck. Excellent dinner, wine, and dessert hosted by our friends Lynn and Don.

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Lauren and I ringing in 2007!

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The ball just dropped and its 2007!

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Dana M. catching the final waves of New Years Day.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger PeconicPuffin said...

Congrats on the New Year's session! We had wind on Long Island but too darn much rain (and maybe the slightest hangover?)


Here's to a great 2007

P.S. "Ringing in 2007" looked like "rigging in 2007"...that's windsurfing geekdom!

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Yes, nice to "rig" in 2007 yesterday! Now waiting to see if the cycle holds for more warm winter sailing sessions to come?!

Looks like one may be on tap for the coming weekend!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger EC said...

Check the forecast for friday/saturday.... hopefully we'll have decent swell worth the $100 in gas for a r/t from DC...

Happy new Year Kook


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