Snow on the OBX?!

click to enlargeThe white stuff does not fall often, but we had some last night here on the OBX. As seen in the post photo, the 4runner had a nice dusting this morning. Big change from a few days ago, when we had warm winter weather conditions! Hopefully though, the golden stars of WindGURU will line again soon once warm south winds return. Long term forecast is looking good for Friday...Golden Stars, plus a sizable swell too!!!

In the mean time, I picked up a half gallon of soy milk at the grocery store and the expiration date read March 21. I cannot wait until that date since we will be well on our way to longer daytime light and warmer winds. Though, the soy milk should be gone before then!


At 12:38 AM, Blogger monion said...

There was a sprinkling of snow this morning in NY,but most have melted.Looking forward to spring too.


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