Another SW Forward Loop Fest

SW ramped up all over the OBX with 4.2m winds prevailing in the 30mph range! Sunny skies and warm air made any Outer Banks windsurfing session quite enticing. The surf today had the most size for the week, but remained relatively small in the waist to chest high range. The crew was scattered from points including Ego Beach, the Boiler, and the Foam House. I'm sure the sound was also firing with plenty of action at Canadian Hole, HISS, and Jockey's Ridge. On the ocean side, Ego Beach reported the biggest surf, but sloppy wind blown conditions and current. No report from the Boiler yet, but I know that some of the crew sailed there too. At the Foam House, no real ridable surf since the zone was wind shadowed by the ocean front buildings; however, the outside swell was all about forward loops. I continued to hone my forward loop skills by becoming more comfortable with the rotation and landing 90% of the time in the straps on the board. No more back slaps and a few times my hair remained dry!

Looks like forward loop practice may continue next week with SW winds again in the forecast. Can't wait!


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