April Wrap Up

click to enlargeThe month of April has been on par with some fine windsurfing conditions over the past 30 days. The centerpiece of the month was the nor'easter which blew though mid-month and provided windy yet cold weather for a full week. Following the nor'easter, we have been locked in SW flow ever since; however, the ocean has been extremely flat. For soundside windsurfers, April has been perfect! Oceanside, we had one near epic day on April 15 when conditions aligned for an excellent sunset session with warm SW winds, and logo high clean surf, though I missed it! That day, I waited all afternoon at the Boiler for the weather to clear, and by the time it did, it was too late for me, but some of the crew caught it. There were some ocean days during and/or following the nor'easter, but nothing considered near epic.

Here are some links to what was experienced over the past month from windsurfers who visited the islands:
- Hattera 3.0 Day (YouTube) April 16
- Atlanta Boardsailing Club
- Sailworld Photos April 14 - 21
- The Water Turtle's OBX Spring Trip

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

Hopefully, May will bring more windy days and perhaps some surf which we have been missing here. Stay tuned!


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