TS Barry Leftovers!

late day surf still breaking! - click to enlargeTS Barry left us plenty of tasty leftovers including head high surf and strong SW winds! Salvo Ramp was the call today, and the afternoon winds ramped up to 5.0m range. Caleb, Jim, Dan, Keith, and I enjoyed rides on head to overhead high set waves and plenty of spacing for jumps! I arrived at the ramp around 3:30pm. The session was about a half mile south of the 23 marker with an outer break, nice lounge (deep area between bars where white water settles), and sizable shore pound. Many would have been intimated by the size of the shore pound, but as long as you timed it right and swam your gear quickly out before waterstarting, there were no problems.

Caleb back in after a nice cutback - click to enlargeI rigged my 5.3m and had plenty of power on the inside, and was well juiced on the outside. The wave zone set up quite nicely, with a mid-level barrel which broke about halfway down the face with remaining soft feathering whitewater. Perfect conditions for solid lip hits, cutbacks, and airtime! Conditions were suited for experienced wavesailors and especially those comfortable with traversing heavy shorepound. Of course, coming in to the beach also required timing to avoid getting pounded upon reaching the sand. All in all though, it was an awesome time and a prefect example of why June is one of my favorite windsurfing months of the year!

The only drawback today at Salvo were the biting flies. They were out in force, and if you spent any time on the leeward side on your vehicle you were nailed! Even while driving back to Nags Head in the topless 4runner, my legs were attacked constantly due to the riders that were in my truck when I left the beach.

Onsite Video Report:

More photos from the day:
Photographers: Jim Myers and Keith McCulloch

Keith M setting up on a nice long line

Dan R working his way though the zone

Jim M eying a section for a hit!

Caleb J with a little air time off the lip!

Lots of kiteboarders downwind. There were two kiteboarding contests happening in town this week hosting many out of town pros.


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Nice post. You got some great action shots, and I like the new video feature. Got any video of the wave sailing?

At 11:11 PM, Blogger Bill said...

hey Jeff,

No wavesailing video today, but for future posts I am going to try more onsite reporting via video; and hopefully some short action clip video as well. Once I get some silicon for my water housing, I can try some ride along wave action too for a different perspective.

Looks like the forecast for tomorrow may be a repeat of today. Stay tuned!

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice video reporting. Hope to see some wavesailing video soon. Must be summer if the flies are biting already.


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