A New Year and Some Sailing!

kiteboarders were loving it on New Years Day!News Year Day, warm air and moderate winds visited the OBX. We were expecting stronger conditions; however, the winds remained on the lighter side. I decided to forgo chasing wind down in Hatteras; and risking a day of road sailing for a short session, soundside, at Jockey's Ridge. There were many kiteboarders in town who enjoyed conditions along with Chip (from NY) and I. the beach at Jockey's Ridge New Years DayWith my 5.3m rigged and an 88ltr board I was able to plane most of the time while on the water in the 15 to 23 mph west wind. Without booties though, it felt best on plane since the water was quite cold. All in all though, not too bad for January 1, 2008!

The past two days have been very windy from the NW; however, with snow flakes falling, we are well below the 100 Rule! Though, I believe that a few of the crew did mention a session at Canadian Hole?!

Hopefully something windy and warm will be in the forecast soon (though with my luck, I will probably be out of town)?!


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