4th of July Weekend!!

new 22RE almost ready!Its been a windy 4th so far on the OBX with regular afternoon SW in the low to mid 20 mph range! I missed Friday afternoon, which had winds gusting into the low 30s! The Bermuda High is back and hot windy afternoons are here, and set to last though the foreseeable future!! Hopefully, I will soon be back on the road with a new engine in the 4runner. The past few days I have been in "auto mechanic" mode. The engine swap is going well, especially with the invaluable help/advice from Keith M.
Thanks a million Tony for use of your Toyota Tacoma (if anyone has seen me driving a new truck, it is not mine) to both haul windsurfing gear to/from Avon, and to pick up the engine hoist!

In Hatteras LoopFest news, again thanks everybody who participated including all the photographers/videographers! We have a ton of great content! I still am working though the GoPro and beach-side video to make a killer presentation. Lots of GoPro perspectives and different riders.

Hopefully you will be seeing some of the LoopFest action upcoming in print format as well!


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