Eastern NC Wild Fires

source: Outer Banks Sentinel/NC Division of Air QualityAnyone who has been on the OBX this month has likely smelled or seen smoke in the air. Dependent upon wind direction, the smoke from wildfires in the eastern mainland area of NC has impacted the entire Outer Banks. Currently, the northern OBX is smoke free due to the past few days of onshore NE wind; however, the southern OBX has been impacted. Last week the northern OBX was blanketed in smoke, even ash, while the southern part of the islands was free due to the predominant SW onshore winds there. All in all, when the smoke is in the air, the impact is felt and gives us a small glimpse of what the western US must endure when wildfires ravage CA. For more local coverage on the fires see the Outer Banks Sentinel.


At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is that an image from google earth and if it is how do you get those real time google earth images,mine are from 4 yrs ago

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Bill said...

I did not pull the image directly; however, there is a product called Daily Planet for Google Earth provided by NASA. It provides near real time updates to a weather patterning layer and incorporates it into Google Earth. Check it out by doing a Google search for "Daily Planet in Google Earth." The first listing is the kml file which downloads and runs Google Earth.


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