May 2008 Wrap Up and LoopFest News!

May 2008 OBX CalendarMay was a fantastic windsurfing month with a number of sailable days in 5.3m and down conditions. Everything from wound 3.7 and up, and a few days of sizable surf! Fun times, and those of you who were here to catch it, especially the firing days,...salude!

We are now into June on the OBX, and late Spring feels more like mid-Summer with nearly a week of oppressive heat and humidity. Winds have been light, and the surf has been small. Feels more like late July or August as compared to June?! Hopefully, this pattern will break soon, and we will see the classic Bermuda High setup where SW winds can crank for days if/when a strong high pressure system parks offshore. The typical June windsurfing weather we all enjoy!

June, of course, is Hatteras LoopFest month and the big week for the event starts this coming weekend with the Loop Clinic hosted by Sailworld, and featuring local looper Andy McKinney. Following the clinic and throughout next week, the Commit Fest continues and will likely see a new FWD commiter feel the spin and win a new Simmer X-Flex wave sail or GoPro Helmet Hero camera! The week will finish off with the LoopOff where experienced loopers will show their aerial prowess for a chance to win one of many looping category trophies! Who will take the title of "LoopOff King?!" The trophies will be awarded at the wrap up celebration hosted by Ocean Air following the LoopOff.

Next week is all about windsurfing aerial action on the OBX! Stay tuned!!

The Hatteras LoopFest 2008 t-shirt:
Register and join the event to get yours!




At 4:04 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Man, I forgot to do a May wrap-up! I guess mine will be pretty limited though...

Nice shirts!

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Catapulting Aaron said...

Sweet shirts! I did at least 20 loops in my dreams this month. Do I qualify?

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Aaron, likely out there in SF, you will be looping in no time! Sounds like great water ramps, and lots of other sailors out there throwing them.

Those are the two key ingredients. Others to motivate, and the conditions to throw em!


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