100% Beach Weekend!

Lauren in the kayak out near the Huron wreck
This past weekend, summertime beach weather was at its prime. Small surf, clear/warm 80 degree water, balmy air temps, and packed beach access parking lots was the norm throughout Nags Head. We had family in town from northern Virginia, and it was perfect conditions for them to have fun at the beach. Yesterday, we set up beach camp at the Huron wreck site at mile post 11 1/4 in Nags Head. I hauled out the two person ocean kayak, a foam beginner surf board, snorkeling gear, and assorted beach necessities.

One section of the ship remains above the sandBalloon jellyfish and some guestsThe clear water provided great snorkeling conditions, and Lauren and I made another trek out to the wreck, this time with my camera. There is one small section of the ship which remains above the sand. Too bad it is basically covered, since we have had great visibility recently to snorkel the wreck. The ship sits in about 10 ft of water on the outer sand bar. During the paddle out to the wreck, there were swarms of balloon jellyfish! I was unsure about swimming amongst the jellies, but a local spear fisherman noted that they are basically harmless.

In addition to the snorkeling, I was also the instructor for Lauren's two nieces and nephew for their first surfing lessons. Her youngest niece was a natural, and who knows, perhaps a future birthday or Christmas gift may be a new surfboard?!
Setting up for the next ride!
She is a natural!All in all, another perfect summer time beach weekend on the OBX! There was some leftover swell from last week's low pressure, but I believe it was better caught on the southern beaches, as compared to Nags Head.

All eyes are now on TS Fay, and where she will end up late this week. Hopefully, the windsurfing gear will be wet by Friday?!
I am simply enjoying time floating around in the early evening warm ocean water...


At 3:53 PM, Blogger EC said...

Got any underwater pics of the wreck?

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Unfortunately, the only exposed section of the ship is that barnacle encrusted thing sticking out of the sand in the first underwater shot. All the rest of the ship is completely covered with sand.


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