2008 OBX Beach Life Photo Header of the Year

2008 was an excellent year for Hatteras windsurfing photography, with likely some of the best pics ever shot by local and visiting photographers! The OBX Beach Life rotating headers contain most of the best pics from this year. The headers rotate randomly, with each page load, to provide a moment of the windsurfing action here in Hatteras.

The second annual OBX Beach Life Photo Header contest will begin soon. The online event will consist of seven "heats" consisting of 6 headers within each heat. You will vote for the top header per heat, and a finals round will run for the seven finalists. A total of 42 headers will be reviewed for the contest, resulting in the top pick for 2008!

Last year, Pete Lewando scored the photographic honor with a radical shot of Charlie Myers at the lip on Ocracoke.

Who will take the honors this year?? You decide!
Heat 1 is set to begin Nov 24!
Stay tuned!


At 8:57 PM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

let the voting begin!


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