Check out SessionLogs!

Very killer online Web application to capture action sport sessions and locales around the world. The site includes support for a number of different sporting disciplines; however, the focus here is windsurfing! One of the really cool features of this site is the integration with Google Street View mapping which actually shows you the visual street view of the location.

SessionLogs has a few OBX spots, and I did add Coquina Beach to let you all know where this spot is as you pass by on your way to Avon. Per the Google Street View mapping, you can now see exactly the Coquina Beach 4WD access ramp and parking lot! If you are on your way down here in April, and S/SSW wind is blowing, be sure to stop by and check out Coquina! Likely, we will be wavesailing there!

SessionLogs is included in the right sidebar of OBX Beach Life under Windsurfing News/Info.


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