Bermuda High Conditions in Hatteras!

Wow, what a week!! If you are here right now, you are scoring some amazing early April windsurfing conditions in Hatteras! We have been locked in a summer-like Bermuda High since Sunday, and the afternoon SW winds have been pumping!! The 4.0m gear remains wet all this week with daily SW winds hitting the mid 30 mph range every evening! Sunny skies, air temps in the 80s, warm trunks-only sound water, is it really April 7th?! What a change from the brutally cold and wet winter we left only days ago?! Seems like a jump straight into late June! Definitely enjoying it!!

The only downside has been the flat ocean. No surf at all, and though there was a small bump down at Lifeguard Beach today, it was nothing like the sesh we had there late last month. Definitely summer-like with the small surf conditions too!

Tomorrow again, more warm windy weather and hopefully some building surf?! That is it though, as the wind is forecast to switch NW, and though be windy, air temps will plummet. Enjoy it while it lasts!!


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