Finally!!!, Some Wind and Surf!

UPDATE: Andy posted some nice pics of Stu and Ken during the sesh last night at Ramp 34 north of Avon! Great perspective! Stay tuned for more today!!

Well, the alignment finally happened as wind and waves gelled to produce some excellent side-off wave sailing on the islands! Today, saw some of the best surf yet this Spring with solid head high set waves and super clean conditions at Oregon Inlet. The shore pound was intimating, but with some timing and no mistakes, getting out was a piece of cake. The outside bar offered clean long lines, fun wave rides and nice hits! Sunny skies, warm 70+ deg air, 60+ deg water, and powered SSW winds were on tap. The 4.7m and 76 ltr worked great, though early in the sesh, the 92 would have been nice during some lulls in the wind, especially given the fast ENE swell. Luckily though, the wind did ramp up during the session. I was relatively conservative wave riding since I was again solo in some bigger conditions (not even any fishermen around). I was going to head south to Lifeguard, but with reports of mediocre conditions there, I could not pass up the excellent, clean surf at Oregon Inlet. For pure wavesailing, it was awesome!! Too bad everyone else missed it! Well, looks like repeat conditions are forecast for tomorrow so there will be another shot at it!?!

I filmed GoPro, tailgate video, and some stills, but it really does not do the conditions justice since there was no one else there to capture for perspective! Oh well, definitely will have perspective tomorrow with a dedicated photographer set to capture the afternoon session!

All in all, stay tuned for more reports this week as the wave and wind conditions are set to continue! Along with action photography as Yana is coming out tomorrow to shoot!

Here is a pic of the shore pound for your entertainment, as well as what it looked like when it settled down.


At 4:06 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

sounds like fun bill. man i know the feeling, epic conditions-but its just missing something when there is no one to share them with. i get that alot up here. I'm solo most of the time, though perhaps that will change as more sailors join me in waves this year.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Keith said...

looks clean!


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