Super Saturday!

SW winds returned to the OBX with reckless abandon this past Saturday, wetting 4.0m and down size sails! We caught it in the Atlantic at Ramp 27 between Salvo and Avon. Ramp 23 has closed due to nesting birds, so we moved one ramp south. At Rmp 27 on Saturday, 35+ mph SW winds blew head high sand on the beach, and maxed/overpowered 4.2m conditions in the ocean. The surf remained relatively small; however, the extremely strong winds did kick up a decent chest high short period wind swell, though average wave size hovered in the waist high range. Ocean water was quite warm with trunks only conditions out there! We had a nice sized crew out blasting around, catching FUN lip hits, loops, and jumps!

Unfortunately, I broke a footstrap screw late in the session, with no backup, but that was ok, as I was maxed on the 4.2m. I would have rigged a new 2010 Legend (still in the plastic bag) 3.7m; however, with the broken strap and a need to be back to Nags Head for "daddy duties" during the early evening, the sail remains "brand new."

I am psyched that the OBX Beach Life forum live reports are working as Keith Misch, visiting the OBX, made it out for another ocean sesh based on the location report posted on the forum. Now that I have the HTC Incredible from Verizon, I can post pics, and commentary from the sesh site easily both on the Forum and/or on my Twitter feed. Definitely, if you have a modern smartphone, follow me on Twitter, and/or join the OBX Beach Life Forum to get the latest info on where we are sailing oceanside!

Here are a few pics from Saturday!


At 4:01 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

i had the same thing happen to me, screw broke, and my foot slipped out of the strap, on a wave face no less. i was lucky not to get hurt on that one


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