AWT Hatteras Wave Jam, What Could Have Been (follow up)

This is a follow up post to the previous which noted an excellent forecast lining up for what would have been, Day Three of the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  Looks like there was a score down there; perhaps not "epic," though reported as "challenging, yet fun" with a light inside and solid swell rolling in from TS MariaKeith M and Wind-NC Andy caught it while Ken K snapped the pics.  Keith forwarded this two pics but there are many more, and the top shots have been submitted for print.  Look for them perhaps in upcoming issues of the print zines which may publish as "hot shots" from what the "AWT Hatteras Wave Jam would have been."

Note weather-wise, the Wave Jam event window supported solid swell, but nasty rainy cool conditions which prevailed though the second half of the period.  Not the best for running a contest (especially Sat which poured rain all day); however, of each day that was scheduled for the event, Friday would have been the key day and likely the spot would have been Rmp 55 near where Keith and Andy caught it at Izzys.  Wed and Thursday would have provided warm beautiful weather and fun surf for both SUP and light air wave kits.

All in all, a 2011 Hatteras Wave Jam would have been a step down from the 2010 event as far as weather (no rain in 2010), however surf wise, it would have been on par.  Again, a real bummer that H Irene still has Hatteras Island basically shut down, but hopefully as we roll towards Oct and prime Fall visitor windsurfing season, HI will be back in full biz?!  I know that as soon as Rt 12 reopens, I will be heading down there!
Here are a few snaps from the Izzy's Friday Sept 16 sesh: photographer: Ken Kellar


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Brian S said...

As one who couldn't get down there for the originally scheduled event, still very appreciative of your efforts and bummed out that it didn't happen. Keep up the stoke!

At 7:49 AM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

thats the Izzie's i remember, very challenging ;)

man i sure hope Janis and can get down there in October. Been about a year now since my last sesh on Hatteras.


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