Winter Hatteras Wavesailing!

Well, not for me, but the wave crew down south of Mirlo Beach have been enjoying excellent winter time opportunities to catch some action!  Last week we experienced a few days of strong NE wind and while the road access at Mirlo remained questionable with new overwash, those located south down in Avon had no problems making it to the south side to catch it at False Pt near Hatteras Inlet.

Great shot captured by Wind-NC's Andy McKinney with the Go-Pro featuring both the peak break and Keith McCulloch a little further down the line.
Damn, wish I could have been there!


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Relax said...

Beautiful shot. Heading down early January to pick up (and hopefully use) a new SUP from Wind NC.

Hope to see y'all

Ken K

PS: your robot screen is getting really hard to pass. Am I a Cylon?

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Robot screen?

Is there some weird popup or something on the blog screen load that I am unaware of. If so, perhaps send a screen shot and I can see if I can find the delinquent code and remove. thx!


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