6 Days in Hatteras Video!

ReefWarrior, Casey Treichler put together this excellent wave sailing video from his recent Hatteras visit and specifically catching it at the Friso Pier last week (see previous post). All in all, very nice, even if I did not make the cut from the day I was down there. Guess I should have stayed out when conditions improved just after derigging my sail that day! :)


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Brian S said...

Bill, sorry I didn't get there on Saturday until you were off the water and off the water. Most of the video was from Friday.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Relax said...

Awesome job Casey. That looked like a pretty special session at the pier.
I picked up the 2013 version of your striped board from Andy this January and am loving it both sailed and paddled. Thanks for the loner last fall, it got me hooked!

Great post Bill!


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