Weekend NE and Surf on the Southside

This past weekend saw a nice swell hit the southside from Frisco, westward.  Billy Mitchell, Izzy's (now named "Sandy Bay?") were the focused spots.  Hatteras Inlet was scoped, but there were no outside bars found throughout the spit.  Thus, Rmp 49, Frisco Bathouse, and Izzy's had the best lineup.

Below is a shot from Saturday at Rmp 49 captured on my wife's IPhone.  Kudos to her, her sister, and our little dudes for weathering the stinging sand while I was out catching a few waves.  With 25+mph gusts on the beach, not the most pleasant conditions for enjoying time on the sand.

Here is interesting shot from the very end of Hatteras Inlet spit where basically the sand road "ends."


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