Nights In Rodanthe - The Sequel Movie

Here is an interesting video found by Charles L showcasing the Nights in Rodanthe house and Mirlo Beach during the recent tropical type storm which hit the Outer Banks hard during Hatteras Wave Fest - Middle of Crazy! As noted in the Middle of Crazy post, this house may be in the ocean by the time the movie goes to DVD?!


At 7:30 AM, Blogger Charles said...

Just a reminder to anyone who's not familiar with Hatteras Island. The house in the video was built in 1988. Before 1988 there used to be a house in front of it, this was originally a 1-back lot. Anyone who's ever surfed in front of this house would remember the piling stubs that used to stick up out of the water at low tide. You had to be careful getting out of the water if you drifted down from S-Turns to the area in front of these homes.


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