COLD!! Is it Late Dec on the OBX?!

Well, at least it has been windy!! NW has been the norm over the past number of days with strong winds hitting across the islands. Today was exceptionally cold with upper 40 degree air and cloudy/drizzly weather. Not the most enticing for chasing it, though for northern visitors in town for windy weather, its been a major score! Today, I installed the top back on the 4runner to have some warmth in the truck, especially when removing a full wetsuit on cold days like today!

Yesterday, Lauren and I, along with the little guy, attended a wedding on the sound in Kill Devil Hills. Not quite the best weather for a sound side wedding, and the cold NW wind was harsh (great for windsurfing, bad for wedding!). Though once indoors for the reception, we all had an excellent time! Congratulations Katie and Byron!

Hopefully, this cold spell will end and we will soon see another round of warm southerly wind! Perhaps Saturday?!


At 9:00 PM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

Seems like just a week or so ago I was wavesailing on trunks. Now its NW and in the 40s, I'm wearing a dry suit and booties. Whatever it takes right.

At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Prescott Metcalf said...

Hola Bill! It's Sat. Oct. 24 and i'm ready to sail! Looking like there could be some decent conditions today...Southerly winds and kinda warm. Where you sailing today!? I met you out at Windmill Pt. about two weeks ago, we'll be heading there today, but would like to get out in the ocean soon!? find my phone number here if you would like to get up!!!- www.beachbreaksurf.com

Cheers, Prescott


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