Fun Aerial Pics from POV of the UltraLight!

My buddy Marc and his wife Cassy were up flying over the ocean on Sunday in their ultralight and caught some cool POV pics of me on the Sealion off Blackman St in Nags Head!
photo credit:  Marc Jorrens


Surfline Abalone Street Cam and a Little Hit on the Sealion

Yesterday, decided to try out some exposure on the Abalone Surfline Cam by rigging up the Sealion for a few waves on the remaining surf from this week's monsoon weather. Here is a short clip of a Surfline Rewind which features a little hit/float in conditions yesterday. Nothing extraordinary, but fun test of some Surfline exposure in the surf on the Sealion. Now if we find a day with some more sizable action, could be interesting?!


Weekend NE and Surf on the Southside

This past weekend saw a nice swell hit the southside from Frisco, westward.  Billy Mitchell, Izzy's (now named "Sandy Bay?") were the focused spots.  Hatteras Inlet was scoped, but there were no outside bars found throughout the spit.  Thus, Rmp 49, Frisco Bathouse, and Izzy's had the best lineup.

Below is a shot from Saturday at Rmp 49 captured on my wife's IPhone.  Kudos to her, her sister, and our little dudes for weathering the stinging sand while I was out catching a few waves.  With 25+mph gusts on the beach, not the most pleasant conditions for enjoying time on the sand.

Here is interesting shot from the very end of Hatteras Inlet spit where basically the sand road "ends."


Nice Swell at Coquina Beach Yesterday!

We saw it coming from last week.  A swell forecast to kick in Thursday accompanied with moderate to strong SSW wind.  This combo sets up a very clean wave at Coquina Beach for excellent wavesailing conditions!  Yesterday, the forecast rung true and I was there to catch it.

I cut out of work a few hours early to make the session and when I rolled into Coquina and eyed the break from the dune line, well this was the playground I saw.
A fun, easy lineup with long rights and solid peaks!  I was rigged quickly on the 92 Quatro Twin and Mutant 5.1.  The first wave I had was quite nice with a hit at the peak and floater aerial to open the session.  From there, it was wave after wave, and though the wind was fairly light, it was manageable, though I was into the conveyor belt of beach walks to stay in the area of the break as it was difficult to stay upwind.  No worries though, simply ride a few, come into the beach, walk upwind and relaunch.  As seen in the photo, the shorebreak at this section of beach was minimal and it was quite easy to get out.  Water was perfect with clean, warm, trunks only conditions and hanging out in the zone to await a passing set, if I was down, was actually quite enjoyable.

All in all an awesome Thursday afternoon/early evening session on the standard kit! 


Two Days at Coquina

This past weekend saw a double header at Coquina Beach south of Nags Head.  Strong S/SSW wind on tap provided fun wavesailing conditions complemented by a little swell in town.  Surf Saturday ranged waist to head, while Sunday was smaller in the waist to chest average.  The tide lined up well with afternoon sessions each day providing waves on the mid/outer sandbar.

I was solo both days, but there were plenty of weekend beachgoers to watch the show.  Always enjoy when I come in after the session, and folks note how "awesome" the action was, how they never saw anything like it, and "...how much does that "kiteboard" cost?."  :)

All in all, a fun two days, perfect for my "green" condition, given I have not been wavesailing at the frequency of past years!  Though two more entries for the May calendar..., hopefully the next session will not be too far off...just need another swell complemented with the S/SSW wind?!