Introducing the Local Wave Crew - Here's Caleb!

Caleb Jacobs has been living/windsurfing on the OBX since the old days when there was only a sand road behind Jockey's Ridge State Park. Since then, he has spent many years on the southern Outer Banks residing in Waves and enjoying time in the ocean. He actively spends many days windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. During the summer months, you can catch him teaching windsurfing lessons for Sailworld in Avon. He is a regular in the local Hatteras wave crew and is usually one of the first to arrive where ever the designated spot may be. Caleb rides World Sails and an Anders Bringdal (AB) Shock Wave 82. Look for his red Toyota pickup loaded with gear in the back including equipment for his window cleaning business!

Check out Caleb's MySpace page!

Here are some shots of Caleb over the past few sessions:
Photographer: Jim Myers

Apex on a backloop at the Boiler

Coming around on the backloop sequence at the Boiler

In for landing on the backloop at the Boiler

Aerial off the lip launch ready at the Boiler

Fins clear and floating above the whitewater

Tail slider upon re-entry into the soup

Sailing away and ready for another hit!


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