Sunday Ocracoke Session

The coastal storm which produced record winds in the VA Tidewater region finally brought winds to the OBX on Sunday. Charlie and the rest of the wave crew were on the 10:00am ferry to Ocracoke that morning when I received the call. I loaded the truck and headed down shortly after. Charlie, Dan, Emo, Chad, Dana, Jim, and I were the crew on hand for conditions that day. Set waves were averaging chest to head high and were breaking on the outer bar, peeling into the inside. Winds were strong in the 25 to 30mph range. Air temps were fairly warm for October with trunks only for Emo. Water temps hovered in the mid to upper 70s.

I sailed overpowered most of the day rigging down once from my 5.3m to 4.7m. Charlie brought out the new 2007 Exocet Wave sticks and he, Emo, Jim, and I each took one for a spin. I rode the 68 and it was like sailing on a surfboard due to its short length and slashiness on the wave. Quite a fun ride, and I look forward to trying it again during our next session…perhaps strong SW winds later this week?!

Here are some photos from the day:

The parking lot at the north point of Ocracoke. We could not drive out onto the beach due to the high tide caused by the storm.

Charlie rigging smaller as the wind increased though the day.

Dana M. carving it across the wave face.

Dana M. just about to head off the lip!

Charlie heading out though the dune line for round two, or is it three?


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was way better at hatteras inlet!hahaha...Caleb


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