Warm SW Winds for Later October

Winds ramped up from the SW today ahead of a strong cold front approaching the region. Strengths were perfect for the kiteboarding crew or windsurfers who rigged big; however, for usual Hatteras Fall sail sizes, it was a little light. Charlie, Caleb, Dan, Jim, and I sailed at Ramp 23 in Salvo. Conditions were warm SW winds in the upper teens, low 20s mph range, and waves averaging waist to chest high. The surf was quite clean with the side-off shore winds. On the water, trunks and a rash guard sufficed as air temps pushed 80 degrees and water temps were in the 70s. Lots of jellyfish, formations of skates, and a massive sea turtle were seen as we sailed in the clear greenish blue ocean water.

All in all, the winds could have been a little stronger and the waves a little bigger, but given that it is late October, today was a nice step back into summer.

Some additional shots:

Charlie off the lip on the new 2007 Exocet U-Surf 84 wave stick!
Photographer: Jim Myers

A shot of beachcamp and the new 2007 5.3m Legend from Maui Sails. I had to chase the sail paper as it blew down the beach when I first unrolled the sail!

A few minutes after sunset driving across Oregon Inlet


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