October Windsurfing Summary

Here is the breakdown for the month of October 2006 on the OBX. Really not the best month for windsurfing this year in quantity of windy days. October is usually hit or miss and too bad for us this year, it has been a miss. Tropical action was minimal to none and though we did have two strong low pressure systems roll by, nothing to really produce lasting wave swell or strong winds. For me, only five days of sailing which included one day in Maui, and two "Missed Its" sums up that I may be a little rusty heading into November. For visiting windsurfers this past month, I hope you were able to enjoy some of the conditions, but all in all, October 2006 has been sub-par for OBX windsurfing!

Lets hope November provides more action even though the hours of afternoon daylight are shorter. How many out there would like to see Daylight Savings go the other way? Fall "forward" Spring "further forward!" Who out there needs daylight at 6:30am...the wind rarely blows that early in the morning!

Reporting notes: I only report on conditions with winds blowing 20+mph and sail sizes in the mid 5 meter and below range. Lighter conditions are not reported...save those for the kiteboarding crew.

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