Warm Weather this Week!

Its a week past Thanksgiving and we are enjoying 70+ deg air temps here on the OBX. Every morning, I awake to sunny skies and beautiful air outside when I make my commute from the main house to my office building located down the steps and to the right of the hot tub deck. Total commuter time... about 30 seconds!

Tonight, Lauren and I enjoyed cooking dinner in our fire pit. The excellent weather and night air prompted us to spark up the pit and throw a little foil wrap filled with beef, potato, veggies, garlic, and spices on the coals. Quite tasty! We could even hear the ocean surf from our house so the waves must be pretty sizable, given that our place is about a half mile from the water. Will surf conditions hold though Friday?

Looks like the warm weather may be coming to a close by the weekend. This is good news however, since wind is in the forecast for Friday, ahead of the approaching cold front. Both WindGuru and IWindsurf's automated forecasting computer models predict strong SW winds on Friday and temps peaking about 76 degrees! Perhaps shortie wetsuit conditions if the water temps are not too bad...though last check H2O was in the upper 50s. Given that I missed last week's windsurfing sessions during Thanksgiving, it will be nice to hopefully get some time on the water and in the waves this coming Friday?! Stay tuned for the report!


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