Will Ocracoke Fire Before Thanksgiving?!

Looks like a strong coastal low forming off the South Carolina coast will produce strong NE winds for us on the OBX. Classic Nor'easter in the cards for Tuesday and Wednesday as the storm moves northeast through the Atlantic! Ocracoke may be epic with big surf and strong winds! Lets hope the rain holds off. Nothing worse than rigging in 50 deg air, pouring rain, and 25 knot winds! Though, at least the ocean water is pushing 70 deg, so getting worked in the soup will probably feel pretty good!

Emo is planning to start Thanksgiving vacation early by driving down here from Washington, DC on Monday night! We are also looking forward to hosting the Windsurfing Magazine crew who will also be here this coming week to experience Hatteras at its best!

Stay tuned for coming reports!


At 5:09 PM, Blogger EC said...


I'm bailing from work, packing my rain gear and stocking up on beers.
Forecast is phonemenal for tomorrow, 50-60mph before end of day...

Time to dig up 3.0s if you ask me!

In any case, low tide is around noon, so pack your truck and be ready, 'cause its going to rock!


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