The HoneyDo List

The wind did not blow today, so I got to spend time on my wife Lauren's "HoneyDo" list. She is out of town for a few days visiting family in northern Virginia.

The newly remodeled bathroom.

The new ceiling fan in the sun room.

Guy Died Windsurfing at Canadian Hole?

I heard an unconfirmed report that a guy in his 60s drowned while windsurfing at the Canadian Hole yesterday (7/22/06). Report is that he was slammed by a gust and knocked unconscious. Nothing confirmed yet, but will report as news arrives.

Also, our visiting wave sailor crewmate from New Orleans, Jason Bosley, rescued a woman from the surf yesterday at Boiler. Apparently, she was caught in the shorebreak, and was not in the best shape to get back to shore. EMTs later arrived and drove their truck over the dune line to load her in since she was quite overweight for the stretcher.

Not too Bad?!

Yesterday, the winds were on call for what IWS forecasted. I sailed a 5.3m at the Boiler, and then later 4.7m at S-turns. Waves were small, but occasionally there were a few chest to head high sets... but not many.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Fueling up at Calhoons Market in south Nags Head. Fuel includes a Snickers bar and Gatorade

Emo with his new ride!

Small surf at the Boiler... Notice the boiler stack out in the water.... that is a shipwreck just offshore. You can jibe around it, but there is some shallow sand in the immediate vicinity.

Caleb rigging up his new World Sail at S-Turns

Tom from Hampton Rhodes derigging after a fun day of wind and waves!

Emo and his new Aerotech Charge

Dan and Charlie checking out conditions

Jason heading out though the pound, though not too bad....