My Wife, Seriously!

You all have seen her on the beach before. The beautiful woman that looks stunning in her bikini. You want to approach and ask her if she would like to grab a cocktail with you, but a voice inside says "she has a boyfriend/husband, or she is out of my league..." Well, in some cases it is true. Meet my wife Lauren. An earlier comment post mentioned a search for "hotties" on the site, well this one tops them all!

Familiar Scene When Winds in the Forecast

Traffic on the 158 bypass can be a little crazy this time of year. Many vehicles on the road, and especially crazy though Kill Devil Hills. Many times, I redirect to the Beach Road (Rt 12) to bypass the heavy traffic though "Hamburger Alley," which is the strip of fast food resturaunts joined by about three traffic lights within a few hundred feet in Kill Devil Hills.

Good luck in the traffic though the OBX "city" (Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and North Nags Head), but once you pass Jockey's Ridge, things begin to clear. Though if heading south on Rt 12 though Pea Island National Refuge, nothing better than being stuck by a truck pulling a 22 ft camper... when winds are blowing 25 knots!

Beach Camp'n

There is something to be said for the southern beaches of the Outer Banks. The rustic unspoiled feel and the sense that when you "drive" out onto the beach, you own that little plot where your vehicle is parked. Though many times I see "out of town" visitors stuck in the sand, either because they try to take their Honda Civic onto the sand, or they have the big SUV dug deep up to the wheel axles.

A few important tips:
- minimum AWD transmission system required
- carry a small shovel in the back of vehicle
- air tires down to 20psi
- depending on ground clearance of vehicle, dictates whether to drive in existing tracks
- do not spin tires
- do not forget beach umbrella, chairs, and cooler!

A view traveling across Oregon Inlet Bridge. See all the beach campers hanging out!