Perhaps Friday... A Little of This?

Looks like the Bermuda high is setting up again for late this week.Looking for a hit!  Photographer:  Keith McCullochFriday so far is the call for southwest (SW) winds in the 20+ mph range. Hopefully, it will be a late day/evening session... perfect way to start the weekend after a long work week.
Plus, the weather has been pretty lousy on the OBX over the past few days.
Looking for a hit! Photographer: Keith McCulloch

Something in the Water....

Found this interesting story today regarding a strange substance spotted in the ocean water across from Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head. Over the past few years, a number of storm water drain pipes have been installed along the Nags Head beaches, so swimming/surfing near those pipes may be a little risky. Though, the sand bars are usually fairly shallow, therefore good for surfing. Just need to make sure there has not been any rain for a while before venturing out near those pipes.