Need a New Beach Umbrella...

When you drive though any one of the OBX beach towns, you notice many flags flying in the wind. Most are tattered with frayed trailing edges due to the constant winds that blow across the islands. Same goes for beach umbrellas! If you spend many weekends beach camping, the toll is paid to your trusty beach unbrella. Between the sea air rust that forms and the constant wind, I think I know why Wings has so many beach umbrellas in stock. Looks like we need a new one, aye?

Bill hanging out at the beach camp with the beach umbrella that is not providing too much shade...

It is HOT, Great to Have an Ocean Nearby!

Well almost everywhere, at least on the East Coast of the US it is hot and so incredibly humid that when you walk outside, it is like stepping into a tropical rain forest. Nice thing though, about living at the beach, is that the ocean is just a few blocks away.

Lauren and I have been going for our daily evening surf sessions just south of the Comfort Inn hotel in south Nags Head. There is a perfect little break with clean, clear knee to waist high waves. She is improving every day, and has the paddling and wave catch down. Now we just need to work on her ability to pop up when the wave takes the board. I will be doing a number of "push-ins" today to allow her to focus on the popup rather than the paddle.

Hopefully, about able 50 of those, she will be able to put it all together!