Went Roadsailing Today....

Tonight, as the winds continued to increase though the afternoon, reported by the IWS wind meters in Waves, I decided to take my chances and make the drive south around 5:40pm, EST. Unfortunately, the winds were not quite up to windsurfing spec, at least for sailing my largest sail which is 5.3m. Additionally, the waves were flat. If there was a wave out there, similar to last week..., I probably would have rigged and slogged out for the returning wave ride in; however, no such luck. Therefore, I had a nice drive down though Pea Island in the topless 4runner.

Tomorrow, perhaps there will be some wind; however, it is also "1st Friday" in Manteo, on Roanoke Island. Lauren and I will be heading over to meet Charlie, Amanda, Jeff, and others for the street party from 6:00-8:00pm.

See you there?

On Track Again This Week...

Looks like another late week wind fest for the southern OBX. IWS is calling for wind this afternoon with strongest potential tomorrow. We will likely be found sailing at the Boiler or S-Turns as these are the best spots to find a wave out there. Hopefully...., there will be something to ride!

The camera batteries are charged and ready!