No Wind August on OBX

It feels like forever since I last rigged one of my windsurfing sails; though, it has only been about 10 days. Yesterday, the southern OBX had SW winds boost into the mid 20s; however it did not last long. If it was over the weekend, and I was down there all day, it may have been fun, at least on the south side where side-on conditions probably generated some junky jumping waves. On the northern facing beaches, the waves have been flat! Gas prices on the island are now over $3.10/gallon so road sailing must be kept to a minimum. Unless it looks like a consistent moderate/high wind setup, and there are some decent waves, I will stay in Nags Head.

Charlie is talking about going to the Gorge for a few weeks, which may not be a bad idea.

I cannot wait until I can ride one of these again, sometime soon?!
photo: Keith McCulloch