Waves Today!

Well my previous post mentioned the fact that August 2006 has been quite slack for waves. Today we had some of fun rides similar to the days of 2005! I am not sure if the swell was generated by the remnants of TS Debby, but today we had noticeably larger surf then any other day this month. It was a fun time catching rides from the outside all the way to the beach! Though, the paddle back out to the lineup was a workout. All in all, a fun wave riding day with set conditions in the chest to head high range. Sorry no photos, since I did not bring the camera out today, but if you checked the pier cam, you probably saw the conditions real-time and the surf break offshore.

Mark an "S" on the calendar!

Its Been a Windless August

My posts have been a little slow this month, at least with tales of high winds, fun surf, and wild rides in the water. As compared to August 2005, 2006 has been quite a "let down." I do not have a single "W" (windsurfing) or "S" (surfing) on the calendar for the month! This year we did have a few fun beginner surf sessions, but I usually do not mark the calendar unless it is at least chest high. Last Sunday we had some decent SW winds (missed it), but other than that...nothing. During 2005, as you can see in the lower calendar, there were many "S" entries. We had awesome surf last year due to all the hurricane activity. By this time last year, were were already at "Katrina" as compared to "Ernesto" this year.

September is just around the corner so hopefully the wind/waves will kick into gear. I need some sessions here on the OBX because I do not want to be too green when we leave for Maui at the end of September.

Here are a few "reminiscent" shots from August 2005:

Dropping in on a fun overhead set at Cocina Beach, August 2005.
Photographer: Brian Shurley

"Hands Up!" on this fun ride last year.
Photographer: Brian Shurley

Back on shore after some really fun rides in the summer surf of 2005.
Photographer: Brian Shurley