Another Fun Day in the Waves

Today again saw the ocean swell hold. The surf lined up quite nicely with solid waist to chest high waves and light offshore winds. Bigger conditions were found on the set waves. Guys tempting the beach patrol (no surfing within 300 ft of pier) surfed along side the Nags Head fishing pier, as the waves seemed to line up best there. Many longboarders were on the water catching rides from near the end of the pier, all the way to shore. Lauren and I paddled out north of the crowd and drifted with some fun rides along the way. Lauren even caught her first "big" wave today (chest to head high peak), and rode it to the shoreline.

The conditions today were quite mellow with a slow crumbly peak which was perfect for a beginner to catch some larger surf. Plus, the paddle out was not too bad since the winds were offshore and the line was clean heading out in between the sets.

All in all, my arms are sore, and neck is stiff as we surfed until near sunset. Another perfect day on the OBX!

Stay tuned though for tomorrow, IWS is forecasting strong SW winds in the afternoon. I may need to take off work early to catch it at the Boiler, or possibly S-Turns on Pea Island. It’s been nearly a month since the last time I wavesailed, so hopefully it will go off tomorrow?!