Ahhh Ernesto Part III!

Again, the ocean swell generated by TS Ernesto held today; though, not as clean as yesterday due to the light NE onshore breeze. The whitewater walls were huge driven by overhead high set waves. I had to hold my breath a little longer then usual when facing the 6 ft wall of whitewater on the paddle out. The takeoff was quick, late, and fast, but the waves were crumbly so the effects of a wipeout were not too bad. I did experience a few somersaults though during some late takeoff bails! All in all, another fun surfing session spawned by the aftermath of TS Enersto.

Lauren stayed on the beach today...little too rough for beginners out there. Perhaps tomorrow though, if the swell drops and the offshore winds return, conditions could be perfect for her hot pink IsleGirl 9ft ride!

Here are a few photos from today:

A runaway surfboard in the whitewater

The peaks forming near the end of the Nags Head Fishing Pier

Surfer running with the whitewater wall.