NE Oregon Inlet/Cocina Beach

Today, the NE winds ramped up at Oregon Inlet. Across the OBX, Oregon Inlet reported the strongest most consistent winds so Charlie, Dan, and I caught it a Cocina Beach. Conditions were sloppy side onshore and not quite our preferred down-the-line (DTL) wave riding found on the south facing beaches of Hatteras and Ocracoke. It was windy though, so I rigged a 4.7m and worked out though the shorepound. Conditions were sloppy backside riding with occasional front side turns, but nothing to get too excited about. The jump potential was fun with many back loops, table tops, and tight tucks thrown. Winds peaked for about an hour or two, then weakened just before sunset.

Here are some photos from today. No on the water shots since the session was kind of short.

Finished up at Cocina Beach. Lots of spectators at this launch.

View of the conditions along with Charlie's rig and ride

Lots of Action in the Tropics

Reviewing the latest weather reports shows a lot of action in the tropics at this time. Nothing threatening this area over the coming days, but perhaps we will see something later next week. Enersto and Florence provided some epic Hatteras wavesailing conditions and a nice primer for my upcoming trip to Maui at the end of this month.

Interestingly, recent discussions on rec.windsurfing focused on Hatteras and its place in the world of destination wavesailing. Some of the threads were long and multiple points of view were noted, with most identifying that Hatteras is "awesome" when it happens, but that frequency is hard to catch. Consistency of wind/wave conditions is what most considers the Achilles heel that keeps Hatteras a "B-list" wavesailing destination.

Of course living here, I do not see it that way since if conditions are ripe, I can catch it. However, if I am traveling from a far flung locale and have to plan my time in Hatteras, it is a crap shoot to guarantee epic conditions. Though some seasons of the year are much better than others.

All in all, Hatteras is one of, if not the best US mainland wavesailing destination. People may argue that point; however, if you can be down here on a day’s notice (think Emo from Washington, DC who always drives 6 hrs to catch it if the setup is forecast), you can experience some of the best conditions found anywhere in the world.