Windy Weekend Coming??

Checked the IWS forecast as well as WindGuru and both trending towards strong SW for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)! Plus, the icing on the cake will be residual swell from Hurricane Helene!

My guess is clean chest to head+ surf (perhaps bigger?!), and winds out of the SW in the 5.3m to 4.7m range. A swell propagating from the north east to east will favor spots such as the Boiler and/or S-Turns!

For all you reading this post..., who is coming out to join us for some fun DTL wavesailing action??

Emo, I already know that you have gear loaded in the Subaru waiting for the midnight drive from Washington, DC on Friday night!

UPDATE: As of Friday morning, everything is on track for the weekend! Ocean swell from H. Helene is here, and SW winds remain forecast as strong Saturday and Sunday! Perfect send-off for my trip to Maui (leaving early Tues. morning!).

I have heard a lunchtime report from Avon, on the southern OBX, of waves in the 15ft range breaking top to bottom on the outer sandbars! I just came back from a lunch time surf session in Nags Head, and conditions here are solid head high, clean crumbly conditions. This weekend could be near epic wavesailing if the SW wind comes into play, as forecast...!