Nuclear NE Today!

No windsurfing today, as it was TOO WINDY! Rarely is it too windy to sail, but considering this month we have had a number of sub-4.0m days, it may be time to look into a 3.0m sail and 60 liter board?! All day the trees frantically danced and the IWS wind meters across the OBX read mid 40s with gust to mid 50s. At some periods during the day, winds averaged in the mid 50s with gusts to mid 60s! These numbers are wind speeds not air temperatures! Tomorrow looks like more of the same, though as this strong low pressure system pulls closer, it may ease winds to "sailable" strengths.

Here are some pics from today:

Blown out onshore conditions!

Lauren letting her hair fly free with the white frothy soup in the background!

Jockey's Ridge soundside with all the water blown over towards Manteo. I guess the Manteo waterfront is flooded!

A view back towards the beach at Jockey's Ridge. I am standing where normally a few feet of water should be.

Some serious wind tracks on the water!