Gear Has Been Dry for a While

December 1 was the last day I have been on the water here on the OBX. We had a few windy days since then, but air temps in the lower 30s plus water temps in the upper 50s is below my threshold of 100. This past weekend, I decided to clean out the truck including some of the beach sand accumulated over the year.

Hopefully though, there will be a few days ahead for wavesailing before it really gets "too cold!" Long term forecast has some wind in the cards with yellow rather than blue stars on WindGuru, so we shall see!

Interesting OBX December tale: I spoke with Charlie last Friday when we had 30+ mph wind on the OBX, but air temps in the lower 30s. He made the trek to Ocracoke to check conditions since the ocean water was in the 60s down there. Interestingly, he mentioned that the water looked like a hot tub when you first lift the cover on a cold evening. Steam was rising from the water and blowing straight out to sea in the offshore winds. No one sailed, but he reported it as an interesting sight. Too bad no photos!

Here are a few more photos of a "clean" beach truck:

Some beach stuff collected over the year, though I have had the "alien root" for a couple of years!

Still need to clear out the sand on the driver's side, but this shot gives a little glimpse how it accumulates. Though, over the year Lauren cleaned it out a few times?!