Winter Ending Soon?!

click to enlargeGood news! March 11, we turn the clocks forward and gain an additional hour of needed daylight! The extra hour will make the drive south from Nags Head to Hatteras for an afternoon/early evening session on the water all the more enticing! The ocean water on the southern facing beaches remain relatively warm, and with air temps bumping back into the 60s, OBX winter windsurfing has never been better! Though, I still yearn for the days ahead where sessions will be trunks only, daylight will last after 9:00pm, and the topless 4runner will be waiting on the beach with a cooler of cold brews.

The photo with today's post is a shot of Dan heading out at during a recent winter session at Hatteras Inlet. Perhaps we are due again this Sunday?! Forecast looks good so far...


At 10:17 AM, Blogger PeconicPuffin said...

Bring the Spring!

Bill, when does the wave sailing get good down there? I'm going to have some free time in March and April, and definately want to come down OBX way. I know that April is a traditional time for windsurfing vacations down there, but how is March?

-Michael (we have a windy forecast for the weekend, but I have to find a spot that isn't iced over!)

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Hey Michael,

The wavesailing is best during the months of Sept and Oct, but for the upcoming Spring, it is best on the southern beaches for predominately WSW winds or NE if caught early before air temps drop too much. March can be a great month for windsurfing, but usually is pretty cold; though given this year's relatively mild winter, hopefully March will see more 60+ degree air temp days. Though, there are predictions of winter weather lasting well into Spring, but the definition of winter here compared to up in your local playground...well, you all will think its balmy down here! : )

At 1:02 PM, Blogger PeconicPuffin said...

Hi Bill,
I was just looking at the forecast for OBX for Thursday and Friday...it's looking pretty good! I was thinking that I might take a trip down, if folks are sailing there at all. I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts on the matter...please let me know if you can, thanks!

-Michael (who will sail between the ice if he must, but would greatly prefer not to!)

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Yea, Friday and Saturday are looking warm and potentially windy. I guess it would be quite a change from the snow covered north?!

Some of the local Hatteras crew are off chasing waves in San Carlos, Baja but there are still a few here including myself.

I'm pretty sure if it is warm and windy and the "count" is 100 or higher, there will be some sailors on the water. At least in the waves, wherever the water is above 55 degrees!


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