Road Sailing the Southern OBX

click to enlargeI decided to make the trip south today since winds were up all morning gusting over 30 mph. Reports from Hatteras noted sizable surf at the Lighthouse Beach in Buxton, and shoulder to head high swells on the south side. The forecast called for a high pressure weather pattern settling in, causing winds to potentially drop out. Of course it did as I drove south. I watched the IWS meters on my phone report less wind with each new update. Eventually, the winds settled in the "kiteboard" range of 15 to 20 mph. I ended up at the Hatteras Turnout to catch Dan carrying his windsurfing gear upwind to where we were parked. At that point I decided to drive back north, to get some work done; however, along the way I made a few stops for some photos.
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A view of the beach at the Bath House near Hatteras Turnout

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Kiteboarders at Old Lighthouse Beach in Buxton

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A full parking lot at Canadian Hole

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The windsurfing scene at Canadian Hole. Note, I only was there for the shot?!


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