The OBX Coastal Storm, Day Three

source - NOAA Storm Track - click to enlargeThe coastal storm that ravaged the OBX over the past two days departed the area leaving no wind and raging surf. Rt 12 on Pea Island reopened this afternoon, and Ocracoke Ferry traffic ran again today.

This morning I awoke to a dull outside rumble. Once I stepped out onto the deck with my morning coffee, the sound of the raging ocean was a loud roar heard from about a half mile away. It was quite an impressive sound, and remained all day.

Unfortunately, no wavesailing since the winds were too light.

Over the next few days, there is no wind in the forecast; however, a southwest switch in wind flow is on call for Friday. I may have to break out my surfboard for the first time this year since SW in Nags Head means offshore conditions. Perfect for surfing! Hopefully some of the swell will hold until then, though I did hear that there was some impressive surf at the Cove today. Offshore conditions there and a few surfers were reported to be out catching some fantastic rides.


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